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hmmm why was I so careless??? Maybe I was in a rush to get home last Wednesday that I didn't even bother to check the things I was doing at, go figure! Just delete the clips I don't need and not double check on them, hit save and save again, then go forget everything... Enter today, op...

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hmmm its been really long since I've posted something in here.... to tell you honestly, right now, a million things are running thru my mind, but I can't seem to get my thoughts together lately...   anyways...cheers guys!!!

Season's Greetings!

Hi everyone... Just dropped by to say... "Happy Holidays!!!" ~cheers!~

Live at last!!!!!!!

New website is finally live after a very long wait!!!shucks! with a few revisions and as you can see, i have a new domain name...will elaborate more later....thats all for now!

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Still nothing new?Ran out of ideas...

Almost there!

Its almost there!I was expecting to launch the new website supposedly days ago but I was too busy to finish the code. Been traveling a lot lately because of field work.But I'm happy and very excited to report that the new website is almost here!!! Its 95% COMPLETE!So watch out for the new website...

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Coming soon!

My new website is now on its second phase - Overhauling the overall code.Hopefully, if all things go according to plan, then expect my new and improved website up in  a matter of two(2) weeks.Thanks for reading guys!

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Bangus Festival 2011

The time has come again for my beloved city to celebrate its Bangus Festival!! Here is the schedule for the said event:   April 8 OPENING Motorcade Opening/Mass START of PHOTO CONTEST Auto Electronic Show1 Bangus Art exhibit April 9 RIVER CRUISE Auto Electronic Sho...

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Whew!!! We did it again everyone. Thank you for participating and turning off your lights for mother earth!!!

Pay Day

Here I am making my DTR for my pay..hopefully but not expecting it to be too big!!!
Oh I forgot, its already our city's infamous Bangus Festival here in my beloved Dagupan City...Got to watch out for the Festivals of the North!!!~giggles~sheezzzeee....anywaysthats for all now...laters!!!

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Hmmm...Nothing to do and nothing to say...ha ha ha goodbye!!!LOL...Anyways, I'm just here laughing with my wife, my nephew and my niece while my baby is sleeping in his rockaroo... Laughing at random thoughts hehehe and its kinda really funny...So pano ba yan next time uli...

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Flood waters!!! oh no!!!

right now our house is submerged in flood fearing for the worst!!! im praying that we, here in Pangasinan, will not meet the same fate Manila, Cagayan, Ilocos Region and Rizal had... but the news is really fearing for the hundreds of lives that are in danger right now!!! ...

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Website update...

At last, my website has been updated...more to come on the next update (probably end of September). Keep on the watch guys...Thanks!

Hey! Its been a while!!!

Hi there peepz! Sorry it took me a while to post anything new on my site!!! I've been VERY busy these past few days. But anyways, hows life out there? Hmmm,  I've been hired, yes! I've got the new job!!!...Hehe, I now officially work for ABS-CBN TV3 Dagupan!!! as NLE (Non Linear Editor) for ...

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sleepless i guess...

hi there blog...heto lang, hindi makatulog...walang magawa...right now, there's a ton of things going thru my mind...(what the heck[magic lost], how did he do that?[magician performing], gutom ako![while watching some teevee], *sigh*, sob!,and so on...harhar)im excited and at the same time sad......

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sa mga panahong ganito, namimiss ko ung anak ko...ung tipong magdradrama ako sa kanya at pwede kong isumbong sa kanya ang lahat ng problema ko...kahit na umiiyak na ako sa kanya hindi niya ako nakakalimutang patawain bago kami matulog...God I miss my son...I miss the way he comforts me when I'm i...

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sigh...hi there i am, lots of things has changed...and the thing is im so happy...but right now, im having a, hmm how to put it, just a "what the heck" time...maybe we just had a  misunderstanding or a miscommunication...but i do hope that things will be better later...thats all ...

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Whew, hi there blog...I'm having the greatest time of my life right now...hmmm you know why? Simple, I'm spending every second with the girl that I love. harharhar drama(sabi ni doraimon)... I'm so inlove with this girl. hayyss

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Last night was the Bangus Festival's Street Party, and was it sooo damn good!!! Let my cousin, as what he said to me, put it this way:"Sa sobrang ganda, hindi na natin na enjoy!"("It was so damn great that we didn't enjoy it"!)There was lots of bands from every stage (I think there was 11 all in ...

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