hi there blog, its been a while again...

hmm, how do you say good bye to a month that basically made your year all worth it? It is like a saving grace. All of your hardship through the year wiped out by a single month, happiness is a bliss.

When the year started, I was falling apart, then I drifted further into oblivion, not knowing how to pick up the pieces of myself. I was so frustrated, uninspired, and I just wanted to drift away, far away from here, anywhere but here...(yeah, i don't care) For months, I've always felt the same, stay the course, and hope for the best. I was so passive.

Now I'm at a point, where I should be thankful but it is also with a melancholic heart that I have to part ways with this sweet November. Lots of memories were made in this month, ah the memories.

I was pondering with my thoughts this morning while I was riding the bus, thinking, in our lives, is there really such a right or wrong, good or bad choice? I argued with myself, foolishly, and i decided to just wing it and whisper, maybe there is no right or wrong choices at all, we just have to accept for what is given infront of us, make the best out of it, and no luck needed.

Why is it so hard?

Why am i over thinking?

Maybe because, I was moved.

Suddenly, everything had a sense again, life had a purpose. Mornings are brighter, evenings are better. No more sleepless nights and trying to figure out all the whys in my life.

Tough this month is nearing its end, I am happy, very happy. Life felt awesome once again.

Indeed, what a sweet November it is.

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