How many times are we gonna play the game,
thinkin that it's gonna change?

I wish I could somehow forget your face.
It ain't easy to turn and walk away.
So if I'm nothing to you, then everything is everything that you wanted.

How many times are you gonna make me pay, for my feelings that I can't deny?
You show me hope but then you take it away.
You keep me believing, it's somethin in your eyes.

But I'm feelin that anything can change.
Everything is everything that we make it.

I paid debt, and now I think I understand regret.
I guess it's time to be a man and face the time that I've spent hurting you.
How did I know I'd regret?

Oh, I've paid debt, and now I understand regret.
It's time to be a man and face all the time that I spent hurting you.
How could I know I would regret?

How did I let myself go? We've been down this road before, I've seen it.
I guess by now we should know, maybe this time we should leave it all behind.
I didn't know I was losing you.

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