Bye Albatross18...(sob)

oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albatross18 Announcement2/10/2009 1:00:40 PM
Albatross18 Players,

We are sorry to announce that Albatross18 will be closing its services. We have had some good times, but the servers will be going down. For the time being, you will still be able to play, and until the servers go down on March 10th, you can use your Astros to make purchases from the shop or from any other OGPlanet game.

In fact, we think you will love our other games so much, we will give you special prizes just for trying them out. If you create a new character in Rumble Fighter, CABAL Online, or La Tale between now and March 8th, we will give you a special item to help get you further in the games faster. Note that players will only receive special items for characters created during this period and only for games in which they did not previously already have a character.

So, for now, enjoy Albatross18 and remember to try our other games before March 8th to get your free gifts! We are currently working with the developer on the future of the game and we will make an announcement once we have more information. Until then, will keep Albatross18 running smoothly until the servers go down on March 10th. We are glad that we could share all of these good times with you and we hope to share more in the other OGPlanet games!


i just met new players last night and they were awesome...
to kick things off, i met Damian, a Polander, who we both had a great time whacking Aztecs one after the other...
we started talking and he said the he heard some rumors about Alba's the rest of our talk...

DamonDark : Good luck! (;])
patopi : goOd LucK anD haVe LoTs of FuN!(-:])
DamonDark : i will ( )
patopi : lol
Lola : I'm glad I have my wings for this amount of wind!
DamonDark : where u from? (:>
patopi : why?(-:>
DamonDark : just askin lol ( )
patopi : im from our house( )
Lola : With all of this wind, it is tickling my wings.
DamonDark : same as me (clap)
patopi : lol
DamonDark : but seriously i mean the country ( )
patopi : oh i see
patopi : im from Philippines(:])
patopi : and you?
DamonDark : Poland here (up)(:])
patopi : oh how nice
DamonDark : i like pinos ( ) played Roseonline on ur
DamonDark : servers n all of u were very kind (:])
patopi : is that so(-lol)
patopi : u mean PINOYS
DamonDark : it is ( )
Lola : Don't forget about the wind.
patopi : not pinos( )
DamonDark : sry (t.t) i do mess words up sometimes
patopi : lol just fine
Lola : Look at your time please!
patopi : pinoys are very warm peepz...and frenly
DamonDark : ( ) just what im sain
patopi : (:])
patopi : nah..i remember the Pangya PH days
patopi : (:[)
patopi : we use to have our own server here of..
patopi : pangya
DamonDark : well i hope Alba18 does not close down
DamonDark : hearin lotz of rumors lately
patopi : i surely hope so(oo
patopi : like what??(OO)
DamonDark : like Alba18 is goin down n so (sob)
patopi : (:/)it figures
patopi : thats why theres no update for almost
patopi : a month now
patopi : and no admin in the game anymo'
patopi : its kinda sad
DamonDark : it would be nice if they anouced S4 n
DamonDark : thats the reason behind no update (shame)
DamonDark : just wishfull thinkin on my side
patopi : oh no not again(T.T)
patopi : ive been thru this stage b4
patopi : when rumors hit our server that S3 is
Lola : Look at your time please!
patopi : gonna come..but it was the other way
patopi : arounf
patopi : *around
DamonDark : u never know (shame)
patopi : (:[)i hope so..
DamonDark : cuz they rnt sayin (:/)
Lola : Look at your time please!
patopi : it wud suk big tym for me..cuz this is the
patopi : only online game that i play
patopi : ( )
patopi : d
DamonDark : lol same 4 me ( )
patopi : yeah...esp you coz u got astro items
patopi : ( )
DamonDark : Pangya has the best online comunity of
DamonDark : all the online games i know
patopi : yeah..and very nice players also
Lola : Don't forget about the wind.
DamonDark : cuz its mostly casual and not harcore
patopi : yeah( )
DamonDark : mmorpg style ( )
Lola : Look at your time please!
patopi : i hate warcraft..i dont even know how to
patopi : play that
DamonDark : i never wana start lol
patopi : killing vampires
patopi : ( )
DamonDark : i will play World of Darkness online when
patopi : and killing ogres(lol)
DamonDark : it comes out thou ( )
Lola : Ah it's cold! The wind is strong.
patopi : whats that?(:>
DamonDark : cuz itz gona be mostly casual 2 (:])
patopi : oh i see(:])
DamonDark : u know World of Darkness?
Lola : Please check on your timer!
patopi : not at all(lol)
DamonDark : itz a horor paper and pencil RPG (:])
patopi : oh is that so..
patopi : when is it gonna be out then?
DamonDark : Vampire the Mascarade - ring a bell?
DamonDark : 2010 or 11 lol (sob)
patopi : not really(shame)(peace)
patopi : ouch..still a long way to go
DamonDark : just google "World of darkness" some time
DamonDark : (:])
patopi : aryt then(;])will do
DamonDark : stil would be cool if u started the game as
DamonDark : a human and then became vampire or mage
DamonDark : or warewolf in the game
Lola : Your time is surely running low!
patopi : but i do hope this darn game wont close
patopi : then we could play there also(:>
DamonDark : same here
DamonDark : if titz gona be hat good im gona play it
DamonDark : even when itz P2P lol (:])
patopi : ( )
DamonDark : cuz i like the whole WoD seting (:])
patopi : is it 3d?
DamonDark : but God plz make that this wont become
DamonDark : a grindfest lol
patopi : ( )
Lola : Your time is surely running low!
patopi : and wish for no hackers(:/)
DamonDark : lucky (shame)
Lola : Now let's make this shot in!
Lola : Watch out for O.B.
patopi : almost(shame)
DamonDark : al games r 3d now not?
patopi : yup
patopi : i wud suk if its 2D..analog games( )
DamonDark : haha (;D)
DamonDark : ( )
patopi : oh no(sorry)
Lola : It's a bunker, but it's okay since you don't make mistakes too often.
DamonDark : even less lucky lol
Lola : Now let's make this shot in!
patopi : lol
DamonDark : hello ( ) u wana be duddies (:])
Lola : You should hurry up.  Only a few seconds left!
DamonDark : *buddies
patopi : kinda( )
DamonDark : kk np
patopi : all my buddies here are like AWOL
DamonDark : just gota tell me ur name and age ( )
DamonDark : mines Damian age 25 (:])
patopi : Ralph 23(:})
DamonDark : thx (:])
Lola : Look at your time please!
patopi : nice meetin u Damian(bow)
DamonDark : same here (:])
DamonDark : u know u have thae same name as my bro


we had like more than played 18 holes...i guess?

but this morning, as i opened Alba to try and hit some aztecs, i was soooooooo surprise to see the notice...
oh how sad!!!
another server down....bye Alba!!! had lots of great memories there....

here's me and Damian after 2 games....

<img src="" alt="patopi and damian">

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