Last night was the Bangus Festival's Street Party, and was it sooo damn good!!! Let my cousin, as what he said to me, put it this way:
"Sa sobrang ganda, hindi na natin na enjoy!"
("It was so damn great that we didn't enjoy it"!)

There was lots of bands from every stage (I think there was 11 all in all, but I'm not sure, its just a rough estimate) and the only stages we saw was Bamboo's with the GMA Kapuso Stars, Sinosikat's stage, RJ with friends, and Ginebra SanMiguel's stage. Darn it, I was already tired just trying to get thru the crowd!!! (Whew buti na lang walang stampede! haha)

But what really made my night was the video and pictures I took during the fireworks display!!!
It really made my day and my week worth it.

As of now, I'm kinda sleepy and just plain lazy to upload the pics and video that I took...
So watch out for them guys!!!

Till then, have a great day guys!!!

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