Hi there...I guess Mr. Sandman forgot to visit me again cuz I can't sleep...its like I'm developing an really...

or maybe I'm just thinking way too much...

let me see what I did this night...I was trying my best to write some songs...I've got a nice melody going but I can't think of the proper words to finish it off... the tune goes like la la la...oh what the heck... but its a good one, really...I'm stuck at the line for the chorus and that's all that I can think about... then after a few moments, i tuned my guitar to a heavy sound, kicking it off at drop D, with my Zoom  pedal on (volume low, cuz its already night!!!) hit some nice tunes, and again, can't think of any words...I was not satisfied at all cuz I cant get the artificial harmonic that I was looking I tuned the guitar again to drop B...alas i was rocking!!!but still no lyrics...then i tried to experiment with some licks using the Delay and I kinda loved it so i returned to standard was way too cool so i wrote everything down (just in case I forget anything!) and had to clean everything up cuz i STILL HAVE NO LYRICS TO WRITE!!!

then I watched some teevee....nothing good tonight..different channels, one topic, Obama's inauguration..its like I've seen it ten times in an hour!!! oh well, atleast he's making history...

I still can't figure out when to update my website...maybe when I'm out of this trance then I'd get going... ~.+

then I returned to my room...staring blankly at random spots...I don't know what the hell is wrong with me anymore...(that just came up right now)...reading some magazines, some books, some, some hmm and somethings wrong with me and nobody even bothers to listen!!!!!!!!!!!

oh God, better lay down now...chow everybody!!! til next time!!!

Goodnight Earth!!!

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