Today, as i got home this lunch (just now), my nephew told me something, as i was watching some tv and relaxing, that I can't resist to share with you guys.

He said to me: "Tito, alam mo na ba yung nangyayari ngayon sa America at Mexico, di ba yun din ang nangyari sa palabas na "I Am Legend? Di ba dun sa movie, yung virus lumabas nun 2009?"

("Uncle[tito], do you know that whats happening to America and Mexico right now is exactly what happened in the movie "I Am Legend"? In the movie, the virus came out in the year 2009?")

Now, is it just a mere coincidence that something like this is now happening to America and Mexico(and to the other countries) as it was like in the movie?
You'd be the judge of that. I'm only sharing what my nephew said to me that caught my attention for a second.

I hope doomsday is not yet set to go on the year 2012!

Have a nice day guys!

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